Paris lately

You know you have lived in Paris too long when:

  • You get desperate when you just miss the metro and next one is coming in 4 minutes
  • You get very upset when you get out of the metro and you realize that your exit is on the other side of the platform
  • You avoid by all means making an eye contact in a metro, at least during rush hours (Actually eye contact would be difficult anyway when somebody’s hair/shoulder/arm is between you and your book.)

  • You get annoyed when people in front of you are walking too slowly and start using drive ways to pass people instead of sidewalks
  • You get pissed off when there is no Vélib‘ in your nearest station
  • You get your kicks from biking in the city, no extreme sport is needed after that
  • Red light means nothing to  you
  • You say loudly merde when you have trouble parking your Vélib’ (this happened to me yesterday)
  • You say putain too much inside your head, but you also mutter it out load every now and then, even when you are alone.
  • You subscribe to Autolib‘ but never use it. You are too used to public transportation
  • You check all the interesting exhibitions there are going on in the city this week, but after work you end up going home or in the best case to gym because you are hyper crevée


This is what’s been up lately. I’m starting to consider moving to Province. 

Have a great evening dears. x


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