Calm weekend (tranquilo)

When you start using expressions like hijo de puta and plata in your daily life, you know you’ve been watching too much Narcos.  Still one episode left of the second season. Good thing about this TV marathon is that my Spanish is coming back, all those two beginners courses that I took back in the Uni. I’m not sure when I can use my revived skills though (*dreaming of a holiday in Mexico…) and if people will appreciate the gangster Spanish I’ve learned.

Other than watching Narcos I also went to movies on Friday, official fall movie season opening! And it was a good one, I saw Divines by Houda Benyamina that won Camera d’Or award in Cannes. Heartbreaking story about teenagers living in cités, poor suburbs of Paris, who get immersed in drug dealing with severe consequences. Yet above all it is a story of a great friendship. I was of course crying in the end (I’m a known crier) and when leaving I noticed that I was not the only one. Strong recommendation to this one! What is sad is that I can easily see most scenes of the movie happen in real life in one of the cités HLM that surround Paris, mostly populated by immigrants.

Without a doubt a wildest achievement of this weekend was the delicious coconut chicken curry that I cooked. Actually it is an achievement, as I’m not really known for my cooking. If you are a Finn reading this and you got hungry, you might wanna check the recipe here. This one has a bit of a spicy kick and will be perfect for winter nights. Although in Paris the temperatures are still summery! Even if I love sun and warm,  I have mixed feelings about this, +30 degrees again next week? I was kind of hoping that I can soon were my new cashmere sweater from that All Saints summer sale.

Sur ce, have a good evening! x


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