A week of a Parisian

Monday: I’m not a morning person, as many of you know. This means that my weekdays rarely start well – please don’t talk to me before 10am! On the way to work in metro everyone is either sleepy or just cranky, metro is too full and people are pushing around. When I arrive to the office my blood pressure is already high. Then the weekly Monday meetings start… By lunch time I’m ready to move back to Espoo.

Tuesday: Day starts better. I’m reading my book in the metro as many Parisians do, in order to forget my chaotic surroundings. Success. Then I spot a pregnant women standing in the metro, everyone is so concentrated on their books, phones (are people still playing Candy Crush??), or just closing their eyes that they don’t see her. I swear to move to a place where people are more polite and considerate, maybe London? At least they excuse when they push you around. “I beg your pardon”, so cute!

Wednesday: Accepting my faith and the city. It’s not too bad. At least I get to meet some Finns in the annual picnic organized by Finnish-French Junior Chamber of Commerce in the evening. With them we talk about Finland and depressing atmosphere that prevails there. Phew, it was a good idea to move to Paris after all. Because Parisians are so cheery.. Not.

Thursday: A friend has mentioned the night before that she has to use essential oils in her apartment to cover the smell of gasoline before going sleep. I start sniffing the air around me and yeah, it’s no Espoo here. I get worried about my health and tell my husband that we are moving to Banlieu, the suburbs, perhaps near a forest, far from Périphérique, ring road that surrounds Paris. It seems to be a good time to buy now, besides. Wait, where is Arcueil?

Friday: By afternoon I’m ready to quit my job and move to Côte d’Azure to be a house wife or a free writer maybe. I leave the office around half past five, so early for a Parisian! As the weather is decent I decide to bike home. And as always, it hits me. Paris. I bike through Rue de Richelieu, see all the cute cafés, bars, restaurants and boutiques that I must check out. I see people having aperitifs in terraces, kids playing in the park and it’s just so perfect. Everything is so beautiful. I cross the Seine just after Louvre, decide to park my bike and walk a bit. I remember why I left Espoo and that actually I don’t really like London. Backdoor is still open for the banlieu and Côte d’Azur (biensûr!), but not just yet… Too much things to do here in the city.

Another exciting weekend ahead! Amusez-vous bien!


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