It’s getting hot in herre

Hi dears! After making a big fuzz about starting a blog, I haven’t updated it for almost two weeks now. Reasons are threefold, first of all it’s been damn hot in Paris. We’ve experienced a crazy heatwave and it’s been more than +34 degrees for the last 4 days, meaning that temperature in our rooftop apartment is around +32 celsius. Only thing you can do is take a cool shower, lay down, have a cold drink and repeat. Secondly, I’ve been busy with two wonderful weddings of dear friends, one in Finland and one here in Paris (ok this is just an excuse since we were pure guests). Thirdly, I haven’t got that much to say. The burkini debate is heating up the political discussion here, but in this hotness I’m not sure if I can make any elaborated conclusion about the state of the French society. I might get back to this subject later, now the most appropriate thing is to eat ice cream.

Berthillon pistachio ice cream mmm.. But if you ask me, I prefer Amorino.

If you are also suffering from the heat in Paris, tomorrow you will have the opportunity to swim in the Seine in Bassin de la Villette! For the first time in 50 years, swimming in the Seine is authorized, just for one day. There are open water competitions for hard core swimmers, but also swimming area open to public. I’m tempted to go, out of curiosity. Not sure if I would dive in that water, but a little refreshing dip could not hurt! Check this article for more info and their event on Facebook.

Good thing about this hot spell is that I will be ready to welcome cooler autumn days. I shall remember this heat when winter comes and I’m wearing my woolen socks. There will surely be another post dedicated for a winter in old (cold) Paris apartment…



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