August in the City

August is by far one the best months to enjoy Paris. Crowds of Parisians head to St. Tropez or other chic holiday destinations leaving the streets of the capital to tourists. Some people don’t like August here since many small businesses like restaurants and laundry places are closed, but personally I love it.

  • You have at least 90% chance to get a seat in the metro on a way to the office. Oh joy!
  • If you decide to bike, traffic is way less chaotic than during the remaining 11 months and you can actually enjoy the ride without only concentrating on survival
  • As there is less traffic, there is less pollution. Hello fresh air!
  • At lunch time there is less people queuing for your favorite salad / sandwich / Thai / Japanese place. Productivity increasing!
  • If the weather is beautiful, as it is now, you can enjoy strolls in the empty streets, picnics on the banks of the Seine and in the parks, or just hang. Bliss.

This weekend I visited with my Pu Les Grands Voisins, a new cool place of Rive Gauche close to Denfert-Rochereau, finally something happening not far from our hoods. It is an old hospital ground where you can find pop-up bars with cozy terraces, music, urban camping ground, cultivate plants or do handicrafts. Obviously we just popped in for a beer and listened to music by some young super enthusiastic DJs. Refreshing.

On Sunday we went to have a tour in Marché Puces de Saint Ouen, I was happy to find Futuro designed by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen in Marché Dauphin! On the way back we had some afternoon snack in the cutest la Recyclerie, old railways transformed into a terrace. They should do this in the 15th arrondissement too in Petit Ceinture.

Tomorrow back to work after the long weekend. Have a great week folks! x


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