Bonjour de Paris!

Hey there! I’ve been thinking about starting to write a blog for a long time now. I’m a regular reader of several Finnish blogs (more about those later) and I love writing, but I always came up with (lame) excuses: No time, not enough subjects, who wants to read about my life and opinions anyway… Well now it’s been a three day weekend here in Paris, the 15th of August being some kind of catholic holiday, and I had no projects. Wedding project is happily behind us, work has started slowly (yeah, in France nobody really works in August) and that was the push I needed. First I wanted to write in Finnish, but since I don’t have a laptop with a Finnish keyboard it would be too much trouble. And as in my daily life I speak a peculiar mix of English, French, Finnish and Tunisian, English being the main language that we use at home, it somehow feels natural to write in English. So please bear with my grammatical mistakes!

About the name of the blog, Paris Correspondent, it comes from the fact that I’m a big fan of Helena Petäistö, a Paris Correspondent for Finnish TV channel MTV3 and I wanted to be her successor when I was younger. Who knows if it’s still possible hehe. Actually after high school I thought about studying communication and journalism, even went to the entrance exam in Helsinki University and got like 0 points since I haven’t studied at all. Next year, after spending 6 months in Paris as a receptionist, I decided to apply to a business school instead and now 12 years later I’m selling makeup mainly to the Middle East for work, travelling a lot, and thinking about what I really want to do. Life is about choices…

I’ll share in this blog some tips to Paris, my thoughts about living here and whatever comes to my mind.

Bienvenue onboard! ❤



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